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By | November 7, 2019


Area Alateen Process Person

The 2022 AWSC passed a motion to change the reference SAM (Supportive Al-Anon Member) to AMIAS (Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service).  So going forward we will be using “AMIAS” rather than “SAM”.  It will take some time before our Area forms are changed over, so forms with “SAM” will be accepted.

Every Alateen group needs active, adult members of Al-Anon to provide safety in the meeting and to help the Alateens keep the meeting focused on the Al-Anon/Alateen program of recovery, sharing knowledge of our Twelve Steps and Alateen Traditions. No Alateen group can meet without certified Sponsors present. To serve as an Alateen group sponsor, substitute group sponsor, transportation sponsor or conference sponsor, you must be a certified AMIAS. There are specific requirements for someone to become an AMIAS and there is a process that must be completed.

  • You will need a police record check including vulnerable sector screening from your local police station.

Processing fees:

  • Some municipalities may reduce or eliminate the processing fee if a verification letter is provided at the time of the record check.  If this applies to you:
  • you may request a letter from the Area Chair including your full legal name
  • Email the Area Chair
  • Your District or the Area may reimburse you for any expenses
  • Provide your police record check and completed application to your District Representative (DR), in a sealed envelope.
  • Your DR will complete and submit the form to the Area Alateen Process Person for processing.

Should you require any assistance please contact:
Area Alateen Process Person aapp.ontariosouth@gmail.com


AMIAS- Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service
AAPP – Area Alateen Process Person
OSAAC – Ontario South Alateen Advisory Committee