About events

In general all events are open to the public unless otherwise noted. One exception is the Ontario South Assembly, which is for members only. Events can be specal speaker meetings, group anniversaries or special days dedicated our program (‘Al-Anon’ days, ‘Round-ups’, etc)

The default view for events is a simple list sorted by date. Click the event title for more information and (if available) to see the event flyer. You can switch to a Calendar view as well, if that works better for you. And you can perform a search for a specific date.

Many of our event are centered around Al-Anon Legacies (Steps, Traditions, Concepts) and tools such as our slogans.

“The Al-Anon slogans are simple yet profound tools that help remind us that our circumstances might not be as desperate as they first appear. Even if we are new to Al-Anon or too overwhelmed (…) to recall one of the many Al-Anon principles that may apply, these concise expressions of wisdom offer quick reassurance that we really are able to cope with whatever life brings. Prompting us to constructive action and to treat ourselves and others with compassion and respect. These simple slogans can put the entire situation in perspective.”

—from: “How Al-Anon works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics”.

Would you like to see your event on our site?

Please notify us by uploading your details (text and flyer) via our new online form (see the button). We request that you keep in mind that PDF format is preferred. PowerPoint Presentations are usually too big to upload – you can try and compress them in a .zip format. Our software might not accept Excel and Word originals for security reasons (these can contain malicious code that lead to spreading of computer viruses, etc.). To make sure bigger documents come through, please compress it in a .zip format.

If you prefer to send your event information via email, or need technical assistance, you can contact our webmaster by email. Processing your event in this way make take more time.

Please note that all events on this list require a specific date, time and location.

‘Requests for service’ entries can be emailed directly to the web coordinator.