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The meetings below are not listed in our dynamic meeting overview. These are WSO registered online meetings without physical location.

District 4 – Cambridge, Elmira, Fergus, Guelph, Kitchener, New Hamburg, Rockwood, Waterloo, Kitchener/Waterloo.

Monday 7:30 pm, for access details please email

Wednesday 7:30 pm, for access details please email

Wednesday 10:00 am, for access details please email
meeting host

Thursday 7:30 pm, for access details please email

Friday 10:00 am, for access details please email

Saturday 10:00 am, for access details please email

District 16 – Mississauga, Oakville, Port Credit

Wednesday 7:15 pm. Coffee Hour AFG Mississauga – phone meeting only
To obtain access via phone, please email ahead of time:

Electronic-only meetings

WSO reminders to groups/districts when switching to virtual meetings:

  • Please don’t forget to post the existence of virtual meetings on your usual meeting location’s door or window, so newcomers know where to go when they are in need of your experience, strength and hope and find a closed door.
  • Make sure to inform your local phone answering services about the changes as well (referral to this website might be helpful)

Other electronic meetings

Al-Anon has always had electronic meetings, even before the COVID-19 crisis. These are groups that only meet online. You can participate via a variety of media: Skype, Messenger, Bulletin Boards and free phone-conference calls from the comfort of your own home when physically attending a meeting is not an option for you. Some groups also have a special meeting app for your phone. Click here for an overview of the options. The regular phone meetings are listed in the bottom of the below World Service Organisation page:

Who can attend a meeting?

Our regular (‘closed’) meetings are only open to families and friend of alcoholics; this helps create and maintain a safe place for those who have been directly affected by another person’s drinking.

Meetings may be dedicated to a special category of members, such as Adult Children of Alcoholics: adult members who have been affected by their parents’ drinking. Alateen groups are intended for young people up to the age of 20.

The general public and other observers are encouraged to attend our speaker / open meetings and special events (usually open), some of which are aimed especially at professionals.

Find a group in your area and once arrived at the location, be on the look out for signage that guides you to door of the meeting room. Most groups also have greeters to welcome you and to ensure you know where the group meets.

Printable meeting information

The Ontario South website offers standard printable versions of the meetings divided per district. Although the information in these printed lists is directly derived from the meeting-details you see on this website, please always double-check the timestamp on your downloaded printed copy and when in doubt, double-check this website to make sure you have the latest information. We try our best to keep all of the 300+ registered Al-Anon meetings in our area up to date, but sometimes there are small discrepancies due to the fact that not all amendments reach us in time and through proper channels to go to print in time.

Click here to go to the overview of printlists or use the sidebar to navigate there.

Online group information not accurate?

Please send us your updates via our new online form by clicking the button below.

This information will be passed on to our area Group Records Coordinator who is responsible for keeping the records up-to-date and communicating the changes to our webmaster and to the World Service Organisation (WSO).

You are welcome to reach out directly to the webcoordinator if you spot a typo or small error on the website or if you are interested in joining our website team.

If you do not know your group ID / WSO ID, navigate to the For Members Home Page of this website to find a list with all Ontario South groups sorted by name and meeting city/town.