Ontario South Coordinator Home Page

The Coordinator Corners give access to member information specific to our program coordinators. Use the menu options in the sidebar to the right (or, on a narrow-screen mobile device: slide/scroll down) to navigate to where you need to be and read and download information that is relevant to you.

Contact emails are available below and also in the top of each Coordinator’s page; if a position is vacant, the website coordinator email is shown and all messages are forwarded to relevant trusted servants of the Area.

How to reach the Ontario South Coordinators

Are you interested in being an Area Coordinator? Please reach out to the Alternate Delegate for Ontario South to let us know!


Archives Coordinator
Email: rprice0785@rogers.com

Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP)
Email: aapp.ontariosouth@gmail.com

Alateen Coordinator / Ontario South Alateen Advisory Committee (OSAAC)
Email: os.alateen.coordinator@gmail.com

Group Records Coordinator
Email: grprec@hotmail.com

Literature Coordinator
Email: osalitcoord86@gmail.com

Open Lines Coordinator
Email: openlinesosa@gmail.com

Public Outreach Coordinator
Email: ontariosouthpo@gmail.com

Forum Coordinator
Email: osaforumcoor@gmail.com and/or altdelons@gmail.com

Website Coordinator
Email: os.website.a86@gmail.com

Technology Coordinator

Email: os.tc.a86@gmail.com