Requests for service

By | November 10, 2019

Please email new requests directly to our web coordinator. Responses will be emailed promptly to the groups in need of help. Thank you for considering doing service!

Help us answer the GTA phone lines

“Hello this is Al-Anon.
How may I help you?”

Volunteers for telephone answer service are always needed. This is a great Al-Anon service opportunity.“Participation is the key to harmony” (Concept 4). This is done from your home. All information is provided. Contact information about this service:
email Rose at, or call the number 416-410-3809.

(2021, Ongoing service request)

Are you interested in technology in service of the Ontario South Area?

This may be the perfect moment to stand for service at Assembly! A brand new coordinator position has been created that you can completely make your own. Don’t think you have to be a whizz kid to apply. Or an app developer or someone who works in IT. All that is needed is a keen interest and ideally some knowledge in one or the other technical area, that helps you better understand technical issues and questions. And a willingness to try and bring some level of organisation to the table.

You will be a coordinator: you are not expected to know and do it all yourself. You could assemble a group of people with different technical skills and work with them to create an Ontario South knowledge center that all members can benefit from. Examples? You could write a list of suggestions to keep Zoom meetings safe, a manual to create Power Point presentations or flyers. You could help members setting up other types of documentation or Cloud storage. The possibilities are endless. Will we see your hand in the air at Assembly? We hope so!

Tentative task description in Area Policy Manual

Have a look at Section 2b of the Area Policy Manual(APM) in the ‘For Members’ section for the envisioned tasks for this position. Click the link below to open the APM page: