Archives Corner

We are proud of our history!

Ontario South is very fortunate to have wonderful archives, where the history of Alanon is kept alive. We have old editions of ‘The Forum’ and ‘Open Lines’, group histories, district minutes and other fascinating things. A special committee is currently focusing on how to make our archives more accessible, so that we can put objects on display during our membership events.

Here is an example of just one of the endearing little stories that can be found in the archives…

Edith D.’s new hat

Did you know that our first delegate, Edith D, had a new hat to go to New York to the world service conference?
Being in Al-Anon, Edith and her group members learned that it was important to take care of oneself. The group voted to buy Edith a new hat so she would look her best as she represented Ontario South as our first delegate. 

A brief chronology of our history is available for your information.

Check back on this page for updates about our Ontario South archives. There is more to come!