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‘Look to the past to protect the future’

When we talk about our archives, here are some questions to think over…

  1. What sort of things should be submitted to the Ontario South Archives G30-Area Archives Guidelines for more information on what to keep and what to build on.
  2. How will preserving this help others in the Alanon?
  3. What is the historical significance?
  4. How valuable is the material, item, or information?
  5. Is the information complete?
  6. Has my group submitted a group history?
  7. Are you a long time member? Consider sharing your experience, strength, and hope by submitting your personal story (written or oral) to the Ontario South Archives

On our way to 70 years of Al-Anon!
Project ‘Pass It On’ – the sequel?
In memoriam Information for Al-Anon Memorial Book

Ontario South is very fortunate to have wonderful archives.
The history of Alanon is kept alive in our archives. We have old forums, old copies of open lines, group histories, district minutes and other fascinating things.

Group History Checklist
Group History Guidelines
Guidelines for Taping Oral Histories Information
Al-Anon Long Time Member Questionnaire

Proud of our history!

A brief chronology of our history is available for you information.