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Ideas and suggestions to help Alateen

Please check out the Alateen Corner page for a list of suggestions to help Alateen – this list is the result of a recent workshop dedicated to helping Alateen.

(Posted on March 15, 2021)

Help needed from Alateen Members

Alateen Members – We Need Your Experience, Strength, and Hope for a New Alateen Bookmark! Deadline extended to March 31, 2022

Due to the limited number of sharings received so far from Alateen members for the new Just for Tonight Alateen Bookmark, the deadline of December 31, 2021 has been extended to March 31, 2022. 

The new deadline has been added to the Online Sharing Form and the writing guideline can be found on the WSO website. A Writing guide is available for download at the end of this article as well.

Please note that the latest Alateen Talk newsletter, which is currently in the mail to all subscribers, still shows the old deadline. The Literature Committee still needs sharings from Alateen members for the bookmark.

In addition to submitting sharings online , Alateen members can email sharings to wso@al‑ (with “Alateen Just for Tonight” in the subject line), or mail them to AFG, Inc., 1600 Corporate Landing Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617, Attn: “Alateen Just for Tonight.”

WSO website page for uploading your Alateen sharing

(Posted on December 30, 2021)

‘Writing for the Forum’-workshop

The Alternate Delegate for Ontario South would love to come to a meeting of your group or District to hold the ‘Writing for the Forum’-workshop. If you are interested, feel free to email her at

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New: Group ID / WSO ID list

To find your group ID / WSO ID, please click the blue link below to view it on screen, or the download button to save it to your device.

The list is sorted first by group name, then by city and district ID.

Note: from time to time there will be updates to the Group ID / WSO ID list. To check that you have the latest version, compare the time-stamp on your download to the one in the document above, especially when looking for IDs of new groups.

Thank you for using your group ID / WSO ID in all communications with the Area and WSO.

Please keep your group records updated so newcomers can find you

Use the button below to quickly access the online Al-Anon Group Records Change and Registration form.

Note: Alateen registration and changes: please use separate forms!

All forms in use for Ontario South have now been consolidated on one page:

How to download / view a meeting list for your district

Did you know that you can quickly view or download a list of active meetings in your district from this website? To find this page, navigate to the ‘About Meetings’ section using the main menu in the top of any page and select the page ‘PDF Meeting Lists per District’. Here is a direct link to go there now:

The meeting information in these lists is kept in sync with the information on the website. Although you can download and print these meeting lists, they change often, especially in Covid times, so do check the date-stamps of the documents to make sure you always have the latest version.

Besides the meeting lists per district, the above page also contains additional lists:

-meetings in the GTA (combines multiple districts)
-Alateen meetings
-Speaker meetings

Below is a screenshot of a random meeting list:

Do you want your event listed on the website? Please use the online form!

Processing events is a manual process that takes about 10 minutes, provided notifications are received via the Event online upload form (see above button). If the information has to be extracted from an email or non-accessible PDF attachment, it takes much longer, depending on how much manual data entry is required and whether all details are complete and clear.

The upload form ensures we have everything we need, including a PDF of your event-flyer. If you have more than one attachments, combine them in a zip-archive and upload them together. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint are not accepted as format for flyers or other uploads, because they can be carriers of viruses or other malicious software.

District Information on Flyers
It would be greatly appreciated if you would include the name and description of your District region on your flyer, so that others who are interested in attending can easily check where the event is located. To find which District your Group belongs to, consult the District Information page in the ‘About Meetings’ section of this website:

Thank you for your cooperation!

In the loop: everybody can subscribe!

To sign up and receive our ‘In the Loop’ emails, us the link below. In the Loop is a regular email newsletter with WSO news and contains worthwhile reading materials and news.

To subscribe via WSO, click this link

Frequently used abbreviations

SAM – Supportive Al-Anon Member (in Alateen Service)
AMIAS – Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service
AAPP – Area Alateen Process Person
OSAAC – Ontario South Alateen Advisory Committee
CMA – Current Mailing Address
GR – Group Representative
DR – District Representative
WSO – World Service Office

Useful service links

Direct link to Area Policy Manual (Ontario South guidelines that supersede the general Service Manual)

A downloadable PDF with all the sections of the Area Policy Manual is being prepared; until this document is available, please navigate to the APM page on this website and download the sections you are interested in individually.

Area Coordinator contact details

Area Coordinator contact details are on the Coordinator Corner Home page and on the Corner pages.

Other addresses

For Canada and Area addresses, District websites & WSO information please see our Contact page