By | November 7, 2019

Ontario South Al-Anon/Alateen Forms

Literature orders

Since April 2019 3 files are available to order Literature.
The below download is a zipped archive file with 3 files.
You can download the archive to your computer and double-click to unzip and review which file best meets your needs. One is a PDF form, the other two are in Excel format.

Area Forms Scroll down to Section 10.

Electronic Forms

Click the button below to enter and send your meeting information via the online form. It will automatically be sent to the Group Records Coordinator. (Fill in form and click Submit.)

Use the online Events Form to send your event information by email to the Website Coordinator. (Fill in form and click Submit.)

The above button is only for events with date and time. Email the webcoordinator directly for contributions to the new ‘Requests for Service’ page in Membership.