Group Records Corner

By | November 7, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

1. What is our Area Number?

It is Area 86, and you will find it pre-printed on the Al-Anon & Alateen Registration/Group Records Change Form (see button above).

2. How do I find our group ID / WSO ID?

You can find your group’s WSO ID a.k.a. group number or group ID on the For Members homepage.

You can download it for future reference, or you can view it online. If your group is brand new, WSO will send a welcome letter via the Group Records Coordinator and this letter will show your WSO / ID.

Membership Home Page

3. How do I register a new group?

Click the button above to access the Online Group Records Registration / Change Form.

Complete all boxes and enter ‘0’ for your District (unless you already know the number) and ‘999’ for your WSO ID (a.k.a. group ID). When you submit the form, the information is automatically forwarded to the WSO via the Group Records Coordinator.

Once the WSO completes the registration of your group, the Group Records Coordinator receives a Welcome letter that is then forwarded to you. This letter also shows your WSO ID (a.k.a. Group ID).

Important: Alateen changes

ALL Alateen changes go to the Area Alateen Process Person (AAPP) first, before coming to the Group Records Coordinator. The AAPP address/email is found on the AAPP Coordinator page and in the printed Open Lines Newsletter on the back page.

4. How can I send changes to Ontario South?

Preferred method: submit the online Group Records Change Form (click button above to access and submit the form). This automatically notifies the Group Records Coordinator of the changes. And the Group Records Coordinator, as part of their tasks, notifies WSO and adjusts their database directly.

DRs are asked to report any discrepancy between the Ontario South Group Records and WSO records to the Ontario South Group Records Coordinator or Area Alateen Process Person (see relevant ‘Corner’ page on this website), so all records can be updated in a timely manner.

If you have trouble working with the online form for Ontario South, feel free to send an email for support to

5. Why can’t I just send you the changes without using the Group Records Change Form?

The online form guides you through the information that we need about your group and your meeting(s), so you don’t have to be afraid to forget one or more of the essentials. If there is a section that does not apply to your change, you don’t have to enter it.

6. How do I know what’s on file for my group and meeting(s) at Ontario South and WSO?

If you wonder what information we have on file about your group and meeting(s) at Ontario South, or at WSO, keep in mind that all District Representatives have read-only access to the WSO’s Online Group Records. They can view the Al-Anon and Alateen group, as well as the AMIAS records for their district in the WSO database, and run reports on demand.

About the online form:

The above downloadable ‘Example of online form GR’ , gives some background for using the form. If you have suggestions for improvement or find an error, or need support, please reach out to the website at

7. Do I have to also send the changes to the World Service Office (WSO)?

NO – This is the task of the Group Records Coordinator.

However, if your change is time-sensitive and you want it published on the WSO meeting page as quickly as possible, you may consider sending your changes to both Ontario South and WSO. All members in service who are involved with Group Records, are committed to keep all information in sync as best they can, but it is simply not humanly possible to guarantee that all changes are always implemented at the exact same date and time.

What is new in WSO Area Group Records

1. “Reported not Meeting”?

  • Due to the increasing number of newcomers and members reporting to the WSO that they went to an Al-Anon meeting and no one was there, a new status has been added to the WSO database: “Reported not Meeting”, so that the WSO does not continue to direct people to groups that are not meeting. The flagged meeting will be temporarily removed from the WSO toll-free information line and the Public Outreach website meeting search results, until the status of the meeting can be verified. The WSO asks your assistance reminding members and groups to:
    • Add signs inside buildings so the meeting can easily be found.
    • Leave a note on the door if the group is not meeting on that specific day.
    • Use the ‘comments’ section in the group’s online listing to notify us; this comment is autmatically forwarded to the Group Records Coordinator and the webmaster.

The group “Reported not Meeting” notification is now also available on the WSO Online Group Records website; your Group Records Coordinator and DR’s (read-only) will be contacted. WSO Group Records staff contact the reported group the same day, the group verifies the status of the meeting, the status of the group is updated. If the group does not respond in 3 days, the WSO Group Records staff sends a notice to the Group Records Coordinator to verify the status of the meeting. In the near future, a request to give the Group Records Coordinator the ability to flag “Reported not Meeting” will be evaluated.

2. Latitude and Longitude

Latitude and longitude fields are on the WSO overview tab of the Group Records website since groups with multiple meetings meet at different times and/or days, but at the same location. Further information about multiple meetings can be found on Pages 37 and 38 of 2014-2017 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual, “Al-Anon and Alateen Groups at Work”, Multiple Meetings.

3. AAPP’s

AAPP’s are now able to directly submit new Alateen group registrations to WSO.