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By | November 7, 2019

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Each month this website publishes a selection of 3 Forum articles. Find them here:

‘The Forum’: Sharing Recovery, Unity, and Service

The Forum began as a monthly newsletter in 1954, titled Al-Anon Family Groups Forum. In 1978 it expanded into a magazine with its current title.
The title was the result of a request for suggestions to the fellowship from Cofounders Lois W. and Anne B.  It was adapted from the title of a newsletter for early family groups, The Family Forum, that Ruth G. of San Francisco began in the 1940s and discontinued shortly after the Clearing House (our first World Service Office) began. For the first time in its 60-plus year history, in January 2018 The Forum began to be printed in full color.

The Forum, as a concept,  is Conference approved. As it states on page 113 of the 2018-2021 Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual:
“The Forum can be used, and is encouraged to be used by members and groups for meetings. The Forum, as a concept, is Conference Approved…”

Share your story in The Forum!

The Forum shares stories from members at all stages of recovery and all walks of life. It also keeps us informed about new literature, policy changes, valuable resources for carrying our message, and ideas for keeping our groups strong and thriving. The Talk to Each Other section is a way for members to receive feedback from other members regarding topics that concern them.

We encourage members and groups to subscribe to The Forum, as well as to submit sharings and photos to the magazine and to use it for meeting topics. For more information, read Tips for GRs as Forum Representatives (F-2) at:


If you are wondering how to write such a sharing, have a look at the 3 Forum Stories in the ‘Our Programs’ section of the website. For your convenience, you find links to these pages in the side menu of this page as well. The stories are refreshed every month.

Ordering The Forum in print or read it electronically

You can order The Forum at:
The Forum is also available in an electronic version at

How to submit your sharing to ‘The Forum’?

Send it electronically via the online form that can be found on WSO page. To get there from your browser, go to al-anon.org and select Members > Literature > Literature Resources > click on ‘Send your sharing’

Or go there directly using the below link:


Alternatively, do it the ‘traditional’ way and send it by postal mail or fax:

Send by postal mail to:
AFG Inc., Attention: The Forum
1600 Corporate Landing Parkway,
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617

Or fax to:
+1 (757)563-1655