PDF Meeting Lists per District

Area 86 – Ontario South

Online form for group and meeting changes

Please help us keep the meeting details of both the World Service Organisation (WSO) and the Ontario South Area up to date and in sync by sending changes ONLY via the Group Record Online Change Form (see pink button above). The Group Records Coordinator and the Website Coordinator are both automatically notified via this form and the Group Records Coordinator will notify the WSO for you.

If you do not know your group ID / WSO ID, navigate to the For Members Home Page of this website to find a list with all Ontario South groups sorted by name and meeting city/town.

Thank you for your cooperation!


List of recurring group speaker meetings

A lot of Al-Anon groups plan speaker meetings at regular intervals, as part of their regular weekly meetings. These meetings are held during the normal weekly meetings and are not tied to a specific date. They are part of the regular meeting format. the SpeakerMeetingSheet contains electronic speaker meetings only.

Meetings in the GTA

Alateen meetings

The majority of Alateen meetings are currently closed to Covid. If you are teenager who would like to attend one of the electronic Alateen meetings, please contact os.alateen.coordinator@gmail.com for more details of meetings in Ontario South and elsewhere in the world.

Meetings by District

Navigate to our District Information page to read more about how districts are set up. This page also offers a downloadable district overview in PDF format.