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Are you a teenager?

20 questions for you… Do you have a parent, close friend, or relative whose drinking upsets you? Do you cover up your real feelings by pretending that you don’t care? Are holidays and gatherings spoiled because of drinking? Do you tell lies to cover up for someone else’s drinking or what’s happening in your home? Do you stay… Read More »

AAPP Corner Area Alateen Process Person Every Alateen group needs active, adult members of Al-Anon to provide safety in the meeting and to help the Alateens keep the meeting focused on the Al-Anon/Alateen program of recovery, sharing knowledge of our Twelve Steps and Alateen Traditions. No Alateen group can meet without certified Sponsors present. To serve as an Alateen… Read More »

OSAAC Ontario South Alateen Advisory Committee Corner OSAAC  is a committee comprised of Alateens, the Alateen Coordinator and SAM’s. The primary purpose of OSAAC is to unite all Alateen groups throughout Ontario South. In accordance with the primary purpose, the committee will do so by the exchange of ideas and experiences. The Area Alateen Coordinator is the liaison to… Read More »

Alateen Corner Welcome to the Alateen Coordinators Corner What Alateen is: A part of the Al-Anon family for teens between 13 and 18. A safe place for teens to gather for mutual support. Alateen meetings are monitored by Supportive Al-Anon Members. As with Al-Anon Alateen is Anonymous. Meetings can be found on the main meeting list page. Further information… Read More »


Alateens share Sometimes it is really hard for me to tell you how deeply affected I’ve been by the disease of alcoholism. Many times I was afraid to tell you how much the drinking and fighting bothered me. I thought constantly about what was going on at home. It got in the way of my schoolwork and friendships.… Read More »