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By | November 8, 2019

WSC 2020:  ‘Love gifts’ for delegates: please do not send!

In light of government and health authorities’ directives regarding COVID‑19, the Board of Trustees decided to conduct an abbreviated virtual Conference—pertaining only to critical Board matters—the week of April 20, 2020 prior to the Annual Board Meeting and conduct the majority of agenda items via AFG Connects or postpone them to the 2021 WSC.

Therefore, we ask all members who were planning to “Write to Your Delegate,” to consider other ways to show your support. Please do not send cards and love gifts to the hotel. We know your Delegates and Conference members sincerely appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating love gifts and encourage you to share them at the Area level since Delegates will be working hard this Conference as always. 

Thank you for your help in sharing this message with others who may be planning to mail cards or packages.

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