Welcome to Al-Anon

Welcome to the new Ontario South website. This site contains general information about our Al-Anon/Alateen programs, offers a list of meetings and events and useful links. On the ‘For Members’ pages you can find membership- and service related information.

If you need a meeting today, click the above button ‘Find a meeting near you’ or click the button below to see a list of upcoming events. 

Please note that most of our meetings are open to friends and families of alcoholics only (closed to general audience and professional observers). More information about our meeting types can be found here.

All who want to know more about our programs in general are welcomed warmly in meetings that are open to the general public. This is marked clearly for each meeting. Speaker meetings and special events are usually open to general audiences.

Our page with member sharings is a good place to start to find out if a personal member story resonates with you. We also have Literature about a wide array of subjects. Most books can be bought at our meetings or on-line; pamphlets and flyers are available for free (small donations are appreciated). Feel free to browse and find more information about our programs for adults and young people.