Welcome to Al-Anon

Welcome to the Ontario South website. This site contains general information about our Al-Anon/Alateen programs, offers a list of meetings and events and useful links. On the ‘For Members’ pages you can find membership and service related information. We have an extensive collection of Conference Approved Literature to guide and support you through every day and below is an excerpt from this month that seems very appropriate for today’s day:

No problem lasts forever. No matter how permanently fixed in the center of our lives it may seem, whatever we experience in this ever-changing life is sure to pass. Even pain.
Difficult situations often bring out qualities in us that otherwise might not have risen to the surface, such as courage, faith, and our need for one another. All of our experiences can help us to grow.
But we may need patience. Some wounds cannot be healed quickly. They must be given time. In the meantime, we can appreciate the new capabilities we are developing, such as the capacity to mourn and the willingness to accept. Let us share our losses and triumphs with each other, for that is how we gather courage.

Thought for the Day
Remembering that this too shall pass can make it easier to get through a difficult day. I will be very gentle with myself during this time. Some extra loving care and attention to myself can make everything a little easier.

March 17, Courage To Change
©A1-Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc.

Please note that most of our meetings are only open to friends and families of alcoholics (closed to general audiences and professional observers). More information about our meeting types can be found here.

All who want to know more about our programs in general are welcomed warmly in meetings that are open to the general public. This is marked clearly in the meeting details. Speaker meetings and special events are usually open to general audiences.

Temporary meeting closures due to Covid-19 precautions

Meetings in Ontario South that have notified the area of temporary closures can be reviewed quickly by clicking the button ‘Suspended Meeting-lists’ in the top of this page. The District Meetings lists on our printable meeting list page show canceled meetings in bright pink. In the regular meeting list overview these meetings can be quickly recognised as follows:

-temporarily closed meetings are greyed out
-the name of the meeting starts with (TC)
-meetings that have a temporary virtual/electronic meeting are marked with (elec)

If your meeting is going electronic and you wish to show this in our meeting list, please let our web coordinator know by email at:

Use the button in the top of this screen to get a quick overview of meetings that have notified the area about temporarily going electronic/online.
The meeting details screen shows where to go for more information for participation. Usually this is a telephone service or an email address.

List of general virtual meetings

Go to our ‘About Meetings’ page to find a list of virtual meetings organised by Districts rather than specific groups.

Virtual meetings: some considerations

For those who are interested in setting up a virtual meeting for their group for the duration of the COVID-19 precautions, we have provided some considerations:

Keeping your Area updated

If your meeting shows as active while it is in fact temporarily closed, please make sure to notify us so we can adjust our listings and help prevent newcomers from finding the meeting doors closed.

Share your meeting ideas!

We are inviting you to share your ideas to reach out to fellow members, while bridging the time of social distancing and temporary closures of our meetings. We all know about calling our sponsors and fellows in times of need. But has the current situation triggered you to set up special virtual initiatives? Are you using simple technical or other tools worth mentioning to other groups? Your experience, strength and hope can be of great benefit to others in our fellowship. To share, email your ideas to: os.website.a86@gmail.com

Need help now? You are not alone…

Our circle of help with sponsors and fellow group members is here for you – a chat on the phone can bring relief in difficult situations. If you are new to our program and want to get in touch with us, you can reach out at any time to the regional telephone answering services listed on our Contact page. This page also has email addresses and regional websites that may contain valuable local information for you.
Our international telephone number can be found in the footer of this website.

On the WSO YouTube channel there are materials to listen to and to watch. This can be a good alternative for a (speaker) meeting when you are unable to go to a group. Access via the social buttons in the sidebar menu (bottom of page on a mobile device) or go there by clicking here.

Al-Anon has always had a number of formal electronic meetings. You can participate via a variety of media: Skype, Messenger, Bulletin Boards and free phone-conference calls from the comfort of your own home when physically attending a meeting is not an option for you at this time. These electronic meetings are listed on this World Service Organisation page:

Our page with member sharings is a good place to start to find out if a personal member story resonates with you. We also have Literature about a wide array of subjects. Most books can be bought at our meetings or on-line; pamphlets and flyers are available for free (small donations are appreciated). Feel free to browse and find more information about our programs for adults and young people.