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This site is responsive to mobile devices and the main navigation menu will change into a menu icon, in the top left of your screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

Tap on the menu icon to open the navigation options and then tap on any sub item to open its page.
On larger mobile devices such as iPads and the like, the navigation menu may move to the side of your screen.
Some pages have an additional sidebar (submenu) to the right of the main contents on a normal desktop computer.

On smaller mobile device-screens the options in those menus move to the bottom of the page. Swipe up to see them and tap go to go your selected page. the graphic to the left is the example of the sidemenu options that are present for the membership page (option may vary as this site evolves).

Finding information on the new website

By admin | January 1, 20200 Comment

General search

The search box on the home page is the best place to perform a general search that returns a list of all that was found on the website. It may return details for a meeting venue, the name of a meeting or town, or anything else that you are looking for.

In the screenshot below (part) of the found results is shown after searching for the title Paths to Recovery. Literature links, links to groups and other entities with that name will be shown in a list. Click on the title you like and leave the rest…

Find a meeting

Our website contains all Al-Anon and Alateen meetings in Ontario South, that have been registered with the World Service Organisation. You can go to a list with all meetings that happen today in Ontario South, by clicking on the button ‘Find a meeting near you’, which is present on several Pages.
In the top of the meeting list Page note several additional options that help you narrow down the list of results: Choose one day, with or without a timeframe. Search by the type of meeting (Adult Children, Alateen, etc).

Finding all meetings for a particular district is done by opening the box ‘Everywhere’ in the screenshot below. You can choose from a list of cities/towns where meetings are held, of switch to search for a particular district instead.

The Search pop-up also allows you to search for all meetings within a certain circe of kilometers from a town or city. When you do this, the magnifying glass icon in the open search box in the left is then changed to a map pinpoint.

Note that the meeting tools does require you add “, ON” to the name of the city. This is due to the fact that this (third-party) tool is set up to search internationally. You can search within 10 kilometers of Milton, Ontario.

To find out more about the way our meetings have been organised into Districts, have a look at the bottom of the page that contains printable and downloadable meetings (also see sidebar menu on the ‘About Meetings’ Page).

Find an event

Click the ‘Show upcoming events’ button on the ‘Home’ Page, or navigate to ‘About events’ Page, where it is also displayed. Events are by default shown in a list, but you can also choose to see it in a Calendar view.  If you are looking for a specific Event, use the general search box on the ‘Home Page’ or the boxes in the top of the ‘Events’ page, where you can search per month or by a general search criterium, from a certain date onwards. This date field is by default set to today’s date (see arrows in screenshot below).

The list / calendar always starts at today’s date, but you can browse to events in the past as well (if they were posted to the website).

Searching for a word on a page

Finally, you can always perform a search on a displayed page to look for a certain word. This is done by Control+F (Command+F on a Mac) and entering your search in the box that will open up in the top of your browser. If the search criterium is found, it will be highlighted on the page. Different browsers may show these types of local finds slightly different and when the search criterium is shown more than once, a count might appear with arrows to jump from on occurence to the other. Below is the result of finding the word ‘and’ on this page. Eleven occurences are found.