It’s okay

By Susan H., Washington
Reprinted with permission

It feels as though walking into an Al-Anon meeting and opening my mind and heart to others takes so much courage and trust. These are two things that I work on daily. I go to a meeting full of things to share, but I leave without speaking.

When someone shares something traumatic, I feel my problems are petty and that I shouldn’t bother anyone with my silly ideas. When I leave the house at night to go to a meeting, my problems seem big. Even though what I have to share may be different from others, not as traumatic as theirs, I know I can share and that I should share. Because my problems are real, they are important. I also know that I am important and that my feelings are worth sharing.

I need to find the courage and trust to share with others so I can grow. When I finally speak, others might hear just what they really need to hear, too. When I listen to people share, that’s what I always hear–just what I need. My Higher Power has His way of speaking to me through other people. Maybe what I hear is a message that I’ll need to remember somewhere down my path of recovery.

I need to remember when I’m sharing from my heart, I can’t go wrong. I have a fear of what to say, how to say it and if I’ll do it right. All these fears come to me, but I’m learning One Day at a Time that it’s okay. I Keep Coming Back. I know someday I will be able to share with ease and maybe even without fear. I am grateful to the loving people at my meetings who let me grow in my own time. I know it has helped me, just to write this.

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