More about virtual meetings

Organising a virtual meeting with the use of phones or computers might seem like a daunting undertaking for many of our members. We are so used to simply coming together physically and we all so appreciate the personal contact. Now that the COVID-19 precautions require us to participate in social distancing, we have to do without this much loved sharing of experience, strength and hope for awhile.

However… even if you label yourself as a non-technically inclined person, you might be underestimating your own skills. Do you use a mobile phone? Do you use email? Do you use this website? Then chances are that you will find it much easier than you ever thought to set up a virtual Al-Anon meeting or participate in one. It might even grow into a whole new level of personal growth for you and a new way of service in our wonderful program!

Note: In our current special circumstances there is no need to notify WSO of your electronic meeting; this is only suggested if you want to start a new formal Al-Anon electronic meeting. If you wish to participate in an existing WSO-registered electronic meeting, click on the following link:

What is the best tool?
As Al-Anon we do not lend our name to any outside enterprise and we do not have any other affiliations besides welcoming and giving comfort to families and friends of alcoholics. We also like to keep it simple, so we will not list a list of tools on our website. But if you wish to know more about preferred tools currently in use by different groups, contact our website coordinator who can then direct you to group members, who have successfully set up a virtual meeting and are willing to share the steps to set it up with you.

[elec] meetings
Meetings that have temporarily gone electronic, are marked on the website meeting list with [elec] in front of their names. In accordance with our principles about anonymity for all members, the links to these meetings are not published on this website. If you are unable to reach any fellow group members, please send an email to the website coordinator who will then forward your request to relevant organising members.

Caution: use wifi, not your phone connection
Be aware that virtual meetings take up a lot of bandwidth. Before you participate, ensure that you are connected to the internet/wifi, rather than depleting your telephone plan within a couple of minutes.

Also be aware of the choice to use last name initial, rather than your full name, if you are asked to sign up for conferencing apps. In most cases your email address is not displayed in virtual sessions, but this can be verified with the organiser.

We wish you a good meeting!