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By | February 6, 2020

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For those members who do not have a copy of the March issue of The Forum (the notice is on page six), or wish a handy way to share the message with other members who currently have more time on their hands, here’s a link to the same information, which also appeared in our online newsletter, In the Loop:  Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Remember, Al-Anon literature comes from Al-Anon members–that’s all of us.

From Tom Coffey, WSO
Associate Director

Hello Ontario South Al-Anon & Alateen members!

I am Mary Ellen B., your Area Literature Coordinator for the term of 2017-2020. What a pleasure it is to serve our fellowship in this capacity. I have always been a book worm and naturally have had a love for our literature & all of its variety. I find it to be one of my most important tools towards my continued growth and serenity – right up there with sponsorship.

Recent additions

One of our recent additions to literature is the “Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships” book (B-33) which came out in 2018. It is very popular and personally, I found it pivotal in my journey towards self-understanding and personal growth while living in the world with all of its variety of people and relationships.

The next fairly new piece of literature that has come out in 2019, is the “Just for Tonight” bookmark (M 81), which is sold in packets of 10. I have heard that this latest item has brought much peace & serenity for members to settle their minds at night when they are spinning with worry or fear (obsession)


Our Alateen Literature is very rich in content. Personally, I find it very valuable to view and use their literature in my own big girl / grown-up life. I qualify as an Adult Child of Alcoholic Parents so naturally I find their literature to be a wonderful adjunct to my recovery.

Order forms

All of these items along with the rest of our literature are available at our Literature Distribution Centre. You can find the order forms on our Ontario South website in the main Literature page.

Invite me to your group!

Please consider inviting me to your Al-Anon days and other events to organise a display of literature. If I am available and it is within a 2 hour drive for me – I will be happy to attend.

I also have ideas for writing workshops that I would be happy to share with anyone. Just ask for my availability.

To contact me, please email me at