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It’s okay

By Susan H., WashingtonReprinted with permission It feels as though walking into an Al-Anon meeting and opening my mind and heart to others takes so much courage and trust. These are two things that I work on daily. I go to a meeting full of things to share, but I leave without speaking. When someone shares something traumatic,… Read More »

The wake-up call

By Tanya S., CaliforniaReprinted with permission What makes me happy is when my brother is sober and my family goes to meetings. I feel sad when I find my dad passed out on the couch because he’s had too much to drink. I know he’s hurting himself. Out of the Twelve Steps, I’ve experienced nine of them. I’ll… Read More »

I certainly hope

By Shelagh, New ZealandReprinted with permission My husband drank since I first met him. For quite a number of years, life was bearable and the effects did not cause me too much grief but by the time I entered the doors of Al-Anon, I was desperately unhappy. While my young son was growing up, it was my responsibility… Read More »

On the road again

By Kwen S., MinnesotaReprinted with permission On a cold day in midwinter, I was driving on a deserted country road to see some friends. Unknown to me, a strong north wind had packed the snow. What used to be soft mounds became hard snowbanks. Such a snowbank was on the road ahead of me. My thinking was, “If… Read More »

Bless my son

By Peggy Sue E., TexasDecember 1997Reprinted with permission When my son was 21, he had been sober for two years. He was trying to make it on his own, living with his pregnant girlfriend. Unfortunately, he was not willing to do what was necessary to get a job. He asked me for financial help at least once a… Read More »

An evening full of magic

By Laura, OntarioDecember 1997Reprinted with permission We moved to the country over a year ago. I drive about 11 kilometers to the closest Al-Anon meeting. The group is very small, but I know it has good program. There is so much caring between members and I feel so good by the time I go home. It is different… Read More »

Let’s make our life a blessing

By Sandra F., VirginiaDecember 1997Reprinted with permission Many years ago my husband miraculously found sobriety. Instead of joy, I was filled with fear that it wouldn’t last. I asked God to please keep him sober because I could no longer take the pain and disappointment of active alcoholism. Despite my fear, it turned out to be a wonderful… Read More »

One day at a time

By Caryn J., WSO Director of Fellowship CommunicationJuly 1998Reprinted with permission Last March, I walked into the World Service Office archives and stood looking into the locked, glassed-in bookcase that contains the first and subsequent editions of each book published by Al-Anon. My purpose was to look at the one-millionth copy of our One Day at a Time… Read More »

The treasure

By Ann Marie S., ScotlandJuly 1998Reprinted with permission I came into Al-Anon with a chronic condition called despair. Indifference was the face I showed the world, but inside I was frozen. My life went from one rotten day to the next. I had no money, no security, and no hope. It was the lack of hope that nearly… Read More »