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Literature Corner

Help us with our new Daily Reader and share your story! For those members who do not have a copy of the March issue of The Forum (the notice is on page six), or wish a handy way to share the message with other members who currently have more time on their hands, here’s a link to the… Read More »

On our way to 70 years of Al-Anon

In 2011 Al-Anon celebrated its 60th birthday. This put the focus on the value of keeping historic records. As we get closer to our 70th birthday in 2021, we can prepare a checklist for that special celebration: Group History is completed and up to date. Create a visual display of your group history. Have one or more long… Read More »

Project ‘Pass It On’ – the sequel?

Ontario South Archives prepares to celebrate Al-Anon’s 70th Anniversary… Here are some questions to contemplate at area, district and group level. Group History Is your group history up to date? If your group is new, don’t wait until your next anniversary. Do the history now while everything is still fresh. Take a picture of your meeting place, literature… Read More »

Group History Guidelines

Look to the Past to Protect the Future Stepping Stones The purpose of Area Archives is to preserve the experience, history and memorabilia of the Al-Anon fellowship from the beginning of the family movement in that locale. The history should be preserved so as to be available to the membership and the serious researcher, within the framework of… Read More »

Guidelines for Taping Oral Histories

Personal Information What is your name? Do you have any nicknames? When did you come to Al-Anon? Where do you live? Did you ever leave Al-Anon or have you stayed continuously? First Meeting What was the name of the first meeting you attended? Where was it located? Was it in a church, a community center or some other… Read More »

Group History Checklist

Group History Checklist Your group history can be outlined or written in a narrative form on separate sheets of paper. Using the following suggested headings, answer questions that apply. Many groups update the information annually. A good time would be in conjunction with your group anniversary. A completed copy of your group history should be retained by the… Read More »

Al-Anon Long Time Member Questionnaire

In keeping with the archival concept of Look to the Past to Protect the Future, this questionnaire is a guide for area archivists to use when interviewing or obtaining written information from longtime members (25 years or more in the Program). Please feel free to write your answers on separate sheets of paper and attach to this form.… Read More »