Alcoholism – a family disease

For family members, alcoholism causes a progressive inability to predict their own behavior because of the growing preoccupation with and reaction to another person’s drinking. Generally speaking, if a person is wondering whether alcoholism is the problem, it probably is. Family members need to hear that the emotions they feel are a normal reaction to alcoholism. Frequently, they… Read More »

Ontario South Delegate

Executive’s details*:Ontario South Delegate,Email Address: Treasurer: Ontario South TreasurerP.O. Box 1151Guelph, Ontario N1H 6N3 *The above is consistent with the position, regardless of who is currently holding it. Downloads and links Delegate’s Archives E-mail the Delegate

Requests for service

Please email new requests directly to our web coordinator. Help us answer the GTA phone lines416-410-3809 “Hello this is Al-Anon.How may I help you?” Volunteers for telephone answer service are always needed. This is a great Al-Anon service opportunity.“Participation is the key to harmony” (Concept 4) This is done from your home. All information is provided. Contact information about… Read More »

Introduction to knowledge-based decision making (KBDM)

(Excerpts from Delegate’s 2006 WSC Information package…) In the traditional way of doing business, we tend to deliberate a motion without the understanding of the why behind it that led to the motion. In the traditional way, when we had a discussion it was with an end in mind. For example, a motion was presented – we chose… Read More »

About crosstalk

From INSIDE AL-ANON Dec/Jan 1988-89 Vol 12 No 1 Several letters have come to the WSO asking for shared experiences on the subject of cross-talking. In addition, at the Canada East RSS in Halifax, members were concerned about the effect of cross-talking at group meetings. In these letters and conversations, cross-talking has been defined as talking out of… Read More »

‘Open Lines’ publications

‘Open Lines’ is a newsletter published by the Ontario South Area three times a year. You email us at to send your article to the Open Lines Coordinator. Deadlines Deadlines for Sending Articles to the Open Lines Coordinator: March 15 for the April 1 issue July 15 for the August 1 issue November 15 for the Dec… Read More »

It’s okay

By Susan H., WashingtonReprinted with permission It feels as though walking into an Al-Anon meeting and opening my mind and heart to others takes so much courage and trust. These are two things that I work on daily. I go to a meeting full of things to share, but I leave without speaking. When someone shares something traumatic,… Read More »

The wake-up call

By Tanya S., CaliforniaReprinted with permission What makes me happy is when my brother is sober and my family goes to meetings. I feel sad when I find my dad passed out on the couch because he’s had too much to drink. I know he’s hurting himself. Out of the Twelve Steps, I’ve experienced nine of them. I’ll… Read More »