Project ‘Pass It On’ – the sequel?

Ontario South Archives prepares to celebrate Al-Anon’s 70th Anniversary… Here are some questions to contemplate at area, district and group level.

Group History

Is your group history up to date? If your group is new, don’t wait until your next anniversary. Do the history now while everything is still fresh. Take a picture of your meeting place, literature set up and anything else that tells about your group. Complete your group history or update it. If you are unsure sure about dates and other information ask the early members or check your district binder.

Oral history / longtimers questionnaire

Who are the longtime members is your group, your district? What was it like when they came into Al-Anon? Talk to them and get the stories. It is these stories that tell about Al-Anon in Ontario South. Plan a visit with another Al-Anon member. A digital recorder and some pen and paper are all that is needed. Of course, don’t forget that some of the best stories are told over a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps a cookie. Make it a fun event. And just think, when you are finished another story is ready to PASS IT ON.

  • Who are the long time members in your group?
  • When did they come into Al-Anon?
  • What was the name of the group, where and when did it meet?
  • Why did he/she come to Al-Anon?
  • How did he/she find out about Al-Anon?
  • Visit the member and listen to the story. Record or write it.
  • Give them a copy of Long timers Questionnaire, Oral History Questions. Try to get to each member.
  • This is their message of hope for new as well as long time members.

Al-Anon Memorial Book

We did it for our 60th birthday. Are we going to do it again for the 70th?

  • Write the story about a member who has passed.
  • What was their group? Did they always belong to that group? When did they come to Al-Anon?
  • What are the service positions they held in Al-Anon?
  • What special things do you remember about this member?
  • Check with family members if possible about other information.

Every member has a message of hope so PASS IT ON. We need these stories. Lois Remembers, First Steps, The Forum, our literature all have messages of hope. If we don’t write/record the stories who will? They will be lost. As our area holds an important position in the beginnings of Al-Anon, let’s celebrate it with stories and history and messages of hope. PASS IT ON. Please send your stories to our webmaster and they will be passed on!