On our way to 70 years of Al-Anon

In 2011 Al-Anon celebrated its 60th birthday. This put the focus on the value of keeping historic records. As we get closer to our 70th birthday in 2021, we can prepare a checklist for that special celebration:

  • Group History is completed and up to date.
  • Create a visual display of your group history.
  • Have one or more long time member’s history – oral or written.
  • In Loving Memory Book: each member writes what he/she remembers to celebrate a member who has died.
  • Each group member writes or draws something about his/her experience in Al-Anon and this is then saved in a binder
  • Read Lois Remembers; First Steps ; Lois Story (pamphlet)
  •  Visit a member who cannot get to a meeting; Celebrate the meeting with tea and cookies.
  • Hold a special meeting to talk about the history of Al-Anon in your group; district; area.
  • Let’s make sure Al-Anon in our area stays vibrant and alive for those who will come to their first meeting.