Ontario South Al-Anon - Alateen
Alateen in Ontario South

Alateen is part of the Al-Anon Family Groups and is for teens that have been affected by someone elseís drinking.

Although the age range is usually 13-18, each group can decide if they will include members younger than 13. As members approach the age of 18 they should be encouraged to transition into Al-Anon while still attending Alateen meetings.

If there isnít an Alateen meeting in your area, Alateens are welcome to attend Al-Anon meetings.
Click here to find an Alateen meeting.

You can find more information on Alateen on our World Service Office website.

Members seeking information on how to register an Alateen group, become an Alateen sponsor or a Supportive Al-Anon Member (SAM) should consult their Group Representative or District Representative.