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By | November 7, 2019


Area Alateen Process Person

Please see below for the steps needed to apply and get certified as a Supportive Al-Anon Member (SAM).

  • You will need a police record check including vulnerable sector screening from your local police station, in person or on-line

Processing fees:

  • Some municipalities may reduce or eliminate the processing fee if a verification letter is provided at the time of the record check. If this applies to you,
    • you may request a letter from the Area Chair including your full legal name
  • Your District or the Area may reimburse you for any expenses.
    • Complete the Area expense form  (see below)

Completed forms can be mailed to the Area Treasurer at:
Ontario South Treasurer
P.O. Box 1151 Guelph, Ontario
N1H 6N3

  • Provide your police record check and completed application to your District Representative (DR), in a sealed envelope.
  • Your DR will complete and submit the form to the Area Alateen Process Person for processing.

Should you require any assistance please contact:
Area Alateen Process Person aapp.ontariosouth@gmail.com


SAM – Supportive Al-Anon Member
AMIAS- Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service
AAPP – Area Alateen Process Person
OSAAC – Ontario South Alateen Advisory Committee